Genesis Educational Services


End of Year Procedures/ Summer Maintenance/ September Start-Up Webinar

Date: June 25, 2018
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Event Summary:

End of Year Procedures: 1) Pre-Registration 3) Process Control 4) Set Next School / Next Grade 5) End of Year Attendance Reports
Summer Maintenance: 1) Verify Next School / Next Grade Assignments 2) Verify District and School Start and End Dates 3) Copy current year's code data into next year 4) Promote and Transfer Students September
Start-up: 1) Calendars 2) Registering New Students 3) Transfering Students 4) Teacher Records 5) Scheduling Procedures 6) Grade Reporting Set-up 7) Mass Assignments (Homerooms / Counselors / Lockers 8) Queries / Report Writer / Letters

How to Register:

To access a webinar, locate the info tab in Genesis and there you will see the webinar tab. All posted webinars will be listed on that screen. You must have rights to access those tabs in order to participate in the webinar. You can pre-register for webinars on that tab or simply join the webinar on the day it is given. You can also enter a webinar that is already in progress.

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