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  • End of Year Procedures Webinar

    End of Year Procedures/Summer Maintenance/September Start up webinars have been added to the Genesis Calendar.  Setting next school/next grade, promoting and transferring students, and mass assigning homerooms/lockers/counselors are among the processes that will be reviewed.


    We are actively scheduling districts for Summer Rollover.  Please submit a JIRA to request an appointment.

  • Next Year Scheduling Step by Step Guide

    A step by step guide to Next Year Scheduling has been added to the Genesis Wiki.  This guide will help those who are unfamiliar with the process as well as Genesis clients who just need a little refresher!  Processes covered include setting the next year start and end dates, setting the next year school and grade for students,  and collecting student requests.


    Staff Evaluations

    Full Position Control -  tied to NJ Smart job codes

    Employee Turnstile - Swipe in/Swipe out

    Tracking of houry employee hours for healthcare with limit alerts

    Full Support for NJ Smart reporting

    New Hire intake tracking and management

    Full contact management for staff

    Staff Portal 

    Fully integrated with Genesis Student Information System 

  • Next Year Scheduling and Master Schedule Builder Webinars

    Scheduling season is upon us.  Visit the Video Library section of the Genesis Wiki to view a Genesis scheduling webinar.  

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