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Genesis is the premier solution for managing the torrent of data generated by every school and district. Our Student Information Systems set the standard in New Jersey, complying with the State’s unique and oft-changing requirements, and updated and refined on an ongoing basis. Our Administrative Information Management System (AIMS) brings together in one integrated platform all the key areas of District management that allow better decision-making and planning from budgeting to HR, payroll and employee evaluations.

Time-tested, proven, secure, and comprehensive solution.
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AIMS — A tightly integrated suite of school management tools developed in and for New Jersey

The comprehensive, secure, versatile way to record, track and manage the key functions that keep schools on track.

Genesis AIMS, the Administrative Information Management System, has been designed to provide a totally integrated solution for the management of New Jersey school districts. Our goal is to support districts with the ever-growing challenge of collecting, managing and reporting data.

Because AIMS is structured to accommodate districts’ varying needs, users can simply add SchoolFi modules to benefit from this robust, versatile and integrated set of tools.

Student Record Modules covering everything from attendance to transcripts, athletics to assessments.

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Genesis provides 32 Student Record Modules, offering comprehensive and easy-to-use recording, analyzing and reporting of a broad range of metrics. As a New Jersey-based company we are alert and responsive to the often-changing reporting requirements of both the NJ and Federal Departments of Education. This includes structuring the reporting data in the formats — digital or printed — accepted by the Department of Education.

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