Our Mission

To provide a tightly integrated suite of management tools to streamline and simplify school and district operations.

Designed in and exclusively for New Jersey.

Our Background

Genesis was founded and staffed by a group of computer professionals who are New Jersey residents and have been involved with the development and implementation of Student Record Systems in New Jersey for over thirty years. Genesis is headquartered in New Jersey and is dedicated specifically to New Jersey K-12 school districts and to one and only one product – Genesis.

The Genesis founders and principals are alumni of major computer manufacturers (NCR, SUN Microsystems, Unisys) and have been involved with multiple SIS Systems (SAMS, Scholars, STARS). In addition, our staff is comprised of education professionals from all walks of the New Jersey community, including highly experienced teachers, and the retired Director of IT for Asbury Park Data Center. Our In-Service Director previously spent 15 years as head of the Asbury Data Center SIS Support Team. In addition to these professionals, our staff also has several new, energetic employees who bring a new perspective that keeps Genesis fresh.

Our Development Team is deeply committed to ensuring that our products remain open, friendly and high performance models of efficiency designed to provide a product that meets New Jersey Department of Education requirements effectively. The Genesis lead developers have led high visibility projects that have helped organizations achieve levels of efficiency by applying the latest technology available. Genesis is no exception!

The extensive background and experience of the Genesis Team brings many skills to our customers, as Genesis is a full service organization that can assist not only with student records but also offers a suite of support services including municipal fiscal funded leasing.