COVID-19 Support

Genesis has implemented many important enhancements to assist school districts in addressing COVID-19 challenges.

Many improvements have been introduced including:

  • Status results are fully integrated into required NJDOE weekly testing
    • Collect and store student and staff vaccination status and vaccine forms
    • Automatic generation of required NJDOE weekly testing forms for non-vaccinated staff
  • Staff and Parent/Student daily self monitoring checklists
  • Integration of COVID status in Students’ daily Attendance
  • Contact tracing for students and staff in classrooms and buses, including seating charts for visualization
  • Rotation Groups track in-person students vs. online students for the day
  • Virtual versus in-person attendance, including indicators in the Gradebook, on the Grading screens, in Class Attendance and throughout Student Data
  • Status info is displayed as appropriate throughout the modules
  • Full support for FFRC furloughs including calculating payroll docks, maintaining health benefits and full pensions


The Genesis Team is regularly updating both the Student Information System and the AIMS–SchoolFi Management Suite to help you meet ongoing COVID-19 challenges and requirements, including compliance with State of NJ Department of Education mandates.