Human Resource System

SchoolFi Human Resources

  • COVID-19 Support
  • Contracts
  • Open Enrollment & Chapter 44
  • Rice Notices & Board Agenda
  • Furloughs
  • PCR: Position Control Roster
  • Salary Guides

100% Web-Based: Anywhere, Anytime
Integrated, Streamlined

Comprehensive, powerful, web-based

  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • 100% web-based

Integtration with payroll

  • A single uniform position control roster
  • Longevity
  • Auto-alert payroll when staff status changes

Integration with budget & accounting 

  • Split positions over multiple accounts
  • Position control roster links to budget build

Integration with SchoolFi Evals

  • Any evaluation methodology
  • All staff categories
  • SGOs, professional development
  • NJ SMART reporting

Integration with the Genesis Student Information System

  • Seamless exchange of staff information
  • Single point of entry for all staff data

Customized forms and reports 

  • Interactive employee forms
  • Employee form approval hierarchies
  • Electronic signatures

Electronic employee contracts 

  • Tie to board agendas
  • Electronic Distribution and Signatures
  • Administrative auto-signatures

Built to State of New Jersey requirements

  • Full State and Federal reporting
  • PERS, TPAF, and DCPP pensions
  • SBEHF 

Full position control

  • Customized forms
  • Customized Reporting

Feature rich

  • Staff attendance
  • Salary guides
  • Salary guide scattergrams with forward projection capabilities: see what your scattergrams will look like in the future. Current and future scattergrams.
    • Unlimited salary guides & steps
    • Longevity calculations
  • Employee turnstile – swipe-in / swipe-out in person or remotely – from home
    • Tracking of hourly employee hours for healthcare with limit alerts.
  • Furlough module

School board support: Board agenda reports includes the employee portal

  • Employee forms
  • Contracts
  • Rice notices
  • Health benefit information
  • Documents

Integration with all Genesis AIMS products

  • Single point of entry
  • Unified interface