Employee Evaluation System

SchoolFi Evals – with SGOs and Professional Development

100% web-based: Anywhere, anytime
Extreme flexibility: Works with any rubric- and form-based methodology

The Genesis Evaluation Solution

  • Evals in and for New Jersey
  • Your practice instruments
  • Your evaluation style
  • Genesis’ proven track record
  • Electronic SGO creation & scoring
  • Professional Development Plans

Integration with SchoolFi HR

  • Any Evaluation Methodology
  • All Categories of Staff
  • Not just those reported to NJ SMART
  • NJ SMART Reporting
  • Recommendations for re-hire

Designed for maximum flexibility

Create precisely the evaluations that work for your teachers, counselors, administrators, and others.

  • Works with any evaluation methodology
  • Multiple styles of observation/evaluation
  • Customize your rubrics, forms and evaluation processes.
  • Your process, designed and managed by you.
  • Make changes at any time.

Customized summative reporting 

  • You design the final yearly summative reports for all staff members. 
  • Forms, scoring formulas and commentary are customized to meet your requirements.
  • Forms and formulas are separately configurable for each staff category (teachers, counselors, administrators, …)

Includes professional development

  • Track staff professional development hours
  • Catalog of professional development opportunities:  seminars, webinars, presentations
  • Professional development plans
  • Corrective action plans
  • Plan achievement review & tracking

Built to State of New Jersey Requirements

  • Evaluations/observations auto-created by job category and tenure status
  • Teacher and administrator practice score computations
  • Summative rating computations
  • Data capture for SGOs
  • mSGP and non-SGP summative calculation and reporting
  • Computation of teacher, administrator and other certificated staff practice scores and summative ratings
  • Full support for the NJ SMART evaluation submission
  • Admin goals and NJ Leadership rubric

Comprehensive feature set

  • Any rubric- and form-based methodology
  • Professional development plans
  • Corrective action plans
  • PD hours capture
  • PD opportunities catalog
  • All staff categories
  • Standard NJ and customized SGOs

A comprehensive evaluation and PD solution managed in the employee portal

  • Single sign-on for all staff features & functions
  • Anywhere, anytime access to evaluations, observations, SGOs, professional development plans, opportunities and hours
  • Powerful process administration tools

Genesis does not partner with any methodology provider and will work with any rubric- form-based methodology, including those you design yourself. You choose and implement your evaluation schema

Integration with all Genesis AIMS products

  • Integrated with GenMessaging
  • Information Display on the Genesis WebDesk