Student Information Systems

Genesis is the leader in web-based student record data for New Jersey schools.   

  • Continuous Deployment – We respond quickly to changing NJ State requirements and customer needs
  • Committed to NJ State reporting.
  • 100% Web-based – Available everywhere at all times. Genesis auto-adapts to whatever device you are using it on: laptops, tablets, phones. Easy to use.
  • Specialized modules designed and built locally with input from real people in real NJ School Districts. We support you the way you need to be supported!
  • Focus on customer support – A local support team working directly with you.
  • Seamless Integration —  All Genesis modules have been built from scratch — with input from educators in the State of NJ — to integrate fully with all other modules.  
  • Extraordinary functions that exceed expectation – Genesis goes beyond student information to help you streamline your student oriented operations.

Each student’s record potentially contains all of the following information. Some of these tabs are turned on and off by flags in the student’s record (e.g. the Special Ed tabs apply only to Special Education students). Users only see those tabs for which they have view or update access permissions

State & Federal Reports & Extracts

Genesis is a New Jersey-based company; as such, we are vigilant in keeping the system updated with the data fields required to produce the reports mandated by the New Jersey Department of Education and the Federal government. Data for the various reports is extracted from Genesis in the format accepted by the Department of Education – either in an electronic format or in a printed report. Reports and extracts available in Genesis include:
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  • NJ Testing
  • Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Next Year Scheduling
  • Turnstile
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Student Data
  • Attendance
  • Class Attendance
  • Assessments
  • Standards
  • WebDesk
  • Payments
  • Conferences
  • Parents & Students
  • Grading
  • Gradebook
  • Conduct
  • Reunification
  • GenMessaging
  • Staff
  • Course & Portal Pages
  • Community Service
  • Transcripts
  • Lesson Planner
  • Athletics
  • Nurses
  • Report Writer
  • Student Watch Lists

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Genesis Student Information System is the market leader in New Jersey, serving schools in all 21 counties. Click here for a breakout by county.