Genesis Google Classroom API Subscription now available for purchase/licensing

The Google Classroom API Subscription allows you to create, synchronize and manage your Google Classrooms by creating a two-way API connection between
Genesis and your Google Workspace for Education account.
Administratively you will be able to:
– Create Google Classrooms in your Google Workspace for Education domain from your Genesis Gradebooks and add/invite teachers to see those Classrooms.
– Roster classrooms (both in mass and during Add/Drops), automatically inviting or placing students directly into their Google Classrooms.
– Search for and display all Classrooms in your Google Workspace for Education domain. You can view information such as Classroom state, whether they
are connected to Genesis gradebooks, number of enrolled students, and number of assignments created.
– Administratively archive completed course Classrooms.
From the Genesis gradebook, teachers will be able to:
– Attach Genesis Gradebooks to existing Google Classrooms or create new ones.
– Push/pull assignments and grades to and from Classroom and Gradebook.
– Access the teacher Google Hub which displays all their gradebooks and their sync status with Google. From the hub, teachers can import assignments and
grades, and send changes back out to Classroom all from one screen.